Offering everything from small intimate dinners to large elegant galas of thousands, the Ramada Topeka, Downtown Hotel and Convention Center is the perfect place for any gathering you are planning. Take a few minutes and get to know the accommodations that each of our special event meeting spaces provides.


The numbers below offer you a quick reference for capacities in each room.

  • Regency Ballroom
    Up to 2,200

    Regency Ballroom

    Built in the 1980’s as part of the tower addition, the Regency Ballroom was the largest ballroom in Northeast Kansas. The entry to the ballroom itself features the tin ceiling tiles from the old Grand Theatre. One of the most versatile […]

  • Grand Ballroom
    Up to 400

    Grand Ballroom

    The Grand Ballroom features the ornate staircase from the original governor’s mansion that was located at 8th and Buchanan. Chandeliers, a balcony, mirrored wall and sliding glass doors add an elegant, graceful ambiance to any event you are looking at […]

  • The Mansion Rooms
    Up to 100

    The Mansion Rooms

    The gorgeous Mansion Rooms incorporate the ornate woodwork from the historic Governor’s Mansion, built in 1887 at the corner of 8th and Buchanan. That house served as Kansas Governors’ first home for 61 years until Cedar Crest took over the […]

  • Jefferson Ballroom
    Up to 300

    Jefferson Ballroom

    The Jefferson Ballroom in the Ramada Topeka, Downtown Hotel & Convention Center is a great space on a budget. Adjacent to Uncle Bo’s Live Bar, your event will have access to a full bar and entertainment on Friday and Saturday […]

  • Madison Ballroom
    Up to 300

    Madison Ballroom

    Madison Ballroom is in the lower level of the Ramada Topeka, Downtown Hotel & Convention Center and, along with Jefferson Ballroom, offers a large space that can accommodate everything from meetings and seminars to weddings and socials. On Friday and […]

  • Parlor B
    Up to 80

    Parlor B

    The largest of our Parlor Rooms, Parlor B provides a versatile space that can provide you everything from a hospitality room complete with gift table and standing cocktails, to a classroom setting with desks and a podium to speak from. […]

  • Madison Street West
    Up to 40

    Madison Street West

    This intimate space in our Madison Street Diner is the perfect place for a lunch/dinner meeting. Natural lighting here provides an inviting ambiance. You’ll have quick access to both Maddie’s Cocktail Lounge and the Diner’s kitchen– the wait staff from […]

  • Atrium
    Up to 1,000


    The centerpiece of the Ramada Topeka, Downtown Hotel & Convention Center, the Atrium links the main lobby and the hotel tower with foliage and an elegant fountain. The balconies and faux store fronts are themed from Jackson Square in New […]

  • Topeka Round Table
    Up to 30

    Topeka Round Table

    The newly built Topeka Round Table is an attractive, four-room focus group facility offering a comprehensive range of high-quality marketing research services. With state-of-the-art recording equipment, video and web conferencing, a test kitchen, brainstorming rooms, a comfortable holding room and […]

  • Fountain Rooms
    Up to 15

    Fountain Rooms

    The Fountain rooms are located in our beautiful Atrium and sit level with our gorgeous fountain. The rooms features double doors that can be opened to create an airy and welcoming space. With open access to the Atrium these rooms […]

  • Parlor Rooms
    Up to 40

    Parlor Rooms

    These exclusive spaces are ideal for up to 40 people. With hotel rooms adjacent, there is no better hospitality space for easy access to your own hotel room. Perfect for break out sessions! These rooms are great for: reunions parties […]

  • Hospitality Rooms
    Up to 30

    Hospitality Rooms

    Our hospitality rooms are for just that, being hospitable. What starts as an empty hotel room quickly becomes whatever you need it to be as you can arrange furniture, chairs, tables and more into something that truly fits your needs. […]


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