10 Tips from a Wedding Coordinator

Congratulations, you’re engaged! As you gaze at your new ring while in the warm embrace of your fiancé, your mind begins to wander… “There’s so much to do!” you say to yourself. Here are a couple of tips to start planning the wedding of your dreams.

  1. Call Your VIPs
    1. Be sentimental and call your relatives and close friends before sharing your exciting news on social media. Your aunt won’t be very happy finding out that you’re engaged while scrolling through her Facebook feed!
  2. Shout from the Rooftops
    1. Seize the day! This is a big milestone in your life and you deserve to bask in all its glory. Embrace the inner princess in you and treat yourself to a mani and pedi, or even have a spa day with your hubby-to-be.
  3. Insure Your Ring
    1. Let’s face it. If you’re anything like me, then you’re clumsy, have a busy schedule, and lose your car keys on a daily basis. Get that rock insured! You’ll be glad you did in the long run.
  4. Get Out Your Calendar
    1. “When is the big day?!” That will be one of the first questions anyone will ask you once they find out you’re engaged. You don’t necessarily need to come up with an exact date – just being able to say “Oh, we’re aiming for Summer of 2015” is enough of an answer to get your wedding on people’s mental calendar.
  5. Guest List
    1. When you begin your venue and vendor venture, you’ll find one of the first questions they ask is how many guests you’re expecting. This information will help them gauge the best ballroom/overall package for you.
  6. Start Dreaming!
    1. Pinterest is all the rage right now. If you have an account, then create a Wedding board and start pinning some ideas! You could also utilize Google and search for all the latest celebrity wedding trends, themes, floral arrangements, etc. Take advantage of your married friends or even just sit down with your fiancé and start brainstorming. It’s always exciting to dream, but it’s also easy for your eyes to be much bigger than your bank account. If you want an extravagant wedding, then you must make sure your wallet can support it.
  7. Come Up with a Budget
    1. It is very, very easy to rack up your wedding bill. Keep your head on straight and know what you absolutely want such as; floral arrangements, DJ, and a photographer, and know what you can live without such as; personalized napkins, pipe and drape behind head table, uplighting, etc.
  8. Vendors and Venues
    1. Reaching out to vendors and venues may at first be an intimidating experience but don’t let that get to you. Instead, be prepared with a series of questions and concerns; know what your budget is and what kind of wedding ceremony/reception you want. Please also keep this in mind – it is so easy to compare price between venues and vendors, however, you must also consider the value of the product or service they are offering before comparing price. Sure, Venue A may be cheaper than Venue B, but Venue B may have more perks included in the price such as early access for set up, décor to accent your floral centerpieces, cake cutting service, etc. You may be surprised that venues and vendors fill up quite quickly so move fast!
  9. Get All Your Ducks in a Row
    1. You will have an abundance of vital wedding information that you don’t want to misplace so get organized! You can find ideas for a wedding binder on Pinterest, or you can even buy one with all the necessary tabs online or at select stores. If you prefer, you can hire a wedding planner to become your second brain.
  10. Find THE Dress
    1. You’re probably wondering why finding your wedding dress is the last tip. Many newly engaged brides immediately jet to David’s Bridal or other stores to find the wedding dress of their dreams and forget about all other logistical details like finding a venue. Your perfect wedding dress will be waiting for you – but your venue and vendors won’t!

Wedding planning should be enjoyable rather than stressful so make sure you squeeze in time for relaxation throughout your planning process.

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